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Residence A / Primary Contact Details*

This is the in-zone for MAGS residence at which the student lives during term time. You may be required to provide independent confirmation that the student has lived at this address for at least 3 months prior to the date of this application. The School will only accept:

•  a letter from the Principal or his/her delegate of the previous school the student attended confirming that this is the address of the student.

•  a letter from a Minister of Religion or Justice of the Peace, known to the family, confirming that this is the address of the student.

This address will be the residence to which correspondence from the school will be sent.

If the student lives at two different locations due to family arrangements, please check the 'Student has another residence' box below. This will allow for family arrangements at both addresses to be recorded.

The Primary Caregiver section usually records the mother’s details and the Secondary Caregiver section records the father’s details.

Please type your primary residence addresss in the above address search
Street number and name
Rural Delivery
Post Code

Residence A - Caregiver 1

e.g. dsmith@gmail.com
e.g. 022 123 4567
e.g. 09 123 4567
e.g. 09 123 4567
e.g. Teacher at Mount Albert Grammar School
Relationship to the student

Residence A - Caregiver 2

e.g. bsmith@gmail.com
e.g. 022 123 4567
e.g. 09 123 4567
e.g. 09 123 4567
e.g. Teacher at Mount Albert Grammar School
Relationship to the student
Please tick if the student resides at another address at times
Health Details

Please detail all medical conditions you believe the school needs for the safe custody of your child while under school supervision.

Remember to complete the detailed Student Health Record which you will upload later in this application.

List any medical problems including hearing, allergies and diagnosed conditions
List any additional learning support, needs or requirements this student may have
Emergency Contact

In an emergency the school will attempt to contact the Primary Caregiver in the first instance. Should no contact be established, then an attempt to contact the Secondary Caregiver will be made. Should this also be fruitless, an attempt to contact the Emergency Contacts will be made.

The Emergency contact person must not be the student's Primary or Secondary Caregiver.
Please give the details of one or two people the school can contact in the event of an emergency if neither the Primary or Secondary Caregiver is available.

Emergency Contact 1
e.g. 022 123 4567
e.g. 09 123 4567
e.g. Teacher at Mount Albert Grammar School
e.g. Grandmother
Emergency Contact 2
e.g. 09 123 4567
e.g. 022 123 4567
e.g. Grandfather
Special Interests

Please record the student’s academic, cultural, service and sporting interest(s) and significant achievement(s) (such as membership of a school or representative team) and awards.


The following attachments must be uploaded before this application can be processed.

1.   The Health Information form and medical permissions
2.   The appropriate Statutory Declaration to be signed by a Justice of the Peace
3.   The student’s Birth Certificate or the Identification page of the student’s passport
4.   The student’s Visa (clearly showing the type of visa, expiry date)
5.   Three different documents for proof of address. Each should show a date (no more than four weeks prior to the date of this application,) the parent’s name and the address at which the student will live. These can be
            a.   a tenancy agreement or
            b.   a power bill or
            c.   a water bill or
            d.   a phone bill
6.The student’s most recent school report.

7. A School House Application if appropriate.

For each file, click 'Browse' below, select the file, then click '+Add' for each file to be added to the upload.

Please retain your original documents as the School reserves the right to request original copies of documents that have been uploaded as part of the enrolment process.

Select only Images, PDFs or Word Documents.
Maximum file size: 8MB's
School Questions

The following questions require a response in the box alongside the question.

Answers such as 'No siblings' or 'Not applying for Year 9' or 'Not applying for an academy' or 'No learner support being made,' or 'No learning disorders,' or 'No serious previous disciplinary consequences,' should be used if appropriate.

The fourth question requires you to confirm that you have attached all the required documents. Please write 'Yes' in the box if you have attached them all.


Please check that you have ticked all the 'I Agree' boxes in the Agreement Section. Parents must agree to each of these Terms and Conditions  before an application will be accepted.