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Thank you for your interest in enrolling your son or daughter at Mount Albert Grammar School.

In-Zone Enrolments

All students who live within the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school.

Please click here for details of the MAGS Home Zone.

Information Evenings for Prospective Students

Mount Albert Grammar School holds Information Evenings rather than Open Days.

These two evenings are primarily for Year 8s who live in-zone and will be held on May 7 and May 8, 2024 (TBC).
The evenings include a visual presentation about the school for prospective Year 9 students, and there is enrolment procedure information and the opportunity to ask questions about the academic, sporting, service, arts and cultural opportunities at the school.
You can read more information here.

Out-of-Zone Enrolments for 2024

Applications for out-of-zone enrolments for 2024 are now closed.

Online Enrolment Process

Before you start: 

This online application form requires you to download some documents from this website, complete them then upload them and some additional documents. Please see the note on naming the documents below. It would be wise to have these ready before you start.

The documents to be downloaded are: 

             Health Information Form  (download then complete)

             and EITHER

             Statutory Declaration Form 1  - completed for student who lives with a Parent(s) or Guardian (download then complete)


             Statutory Declaration Form 2   - completed for a student who lives with a Caregiver or Other Person (download then complete)


             A copy of the student’s Birth Certificate or identification page of their passport


             Three different documents for proof of residential address. 

Each must show the parent’s name, the address at which the student will live, and have a date no more than four weeks prior to the date of this application.

                            Examples of these documents are a:

                                   o Power bill                        (the whole bill showing the supply address and the postal address)

                                   o Phone/internet bill         (the whole bill showing the supply address and the postal address)

                                   o Water bill                         (the whole bill showing the supply address and the postal address)

                                   o Tenancy agreement 

                                   o Rates Bill


              A copy of the student’s most recent school report

New Zealand Citizens

New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and people with a visa granting them the right to study are entitled to education in New Zealand.

Where the student is a New Zealand citizen: The School requires a certified true copy of the student's New Zealand Birth Certificate.

Where the student is not a New Zealand citizen, but has a visa granting them the right to study in New Zealand: The School requires that the visa be valid until the end of the current academic year and requires certified true copies of the appropriate pages of the student's passport showing the visa granting the right to study in New Zealand. Please inform us of the student's date of arrival into New Zealand.

School House & Centennial House Applications        

If you wish to apply for the school boarding hostels, please use the links below.

School House - Boys' boarding hostel 

Centennial House - Girls' Boarding Hostel

Note on naming documents to be uploaded

 Documents to be uploaded with this application should be scanned and saved as .pdf files using names that indicate the contents. 

            Please use these file names:

                            •  Health Information

                            •  Statutory Declaration

                            •  Birth Certificate

                            •  Address confirmation

                            •  School Report 

                            •  School House 

Should you not have the facility to create .pdf documents, please bring the original documents to the School's Student Centre where the Enrolment Officer will assist you.

            The School reserves the right to request original copies of documents that have been uploaded as part of the enrolment process.

Please note - completion of this application does not guarantee a place at MAGS. Confirmation of an offer of a place will be sent to the parent in due course. Should you experience difficulties in completing this form, please contact the Enrolment Officer by email at, or by phone during normal school hours, 8.30am-3.30pm: 09 846 2044 x 8131